Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I must confess my relationship with my 13 year old is getting worse. Not too sure how to fix it at this point. We don't talk at all, unless however she wants something. Most of the time we just seem to yell at each other.She just doesn't understand I will always get the last word in so she just keeps on nagging or yelling at me. I think she forgets I have ALL the power she is just a 13 year old. Han just doesn't understand all I do for her. Maybe the whole thing is I do too much for her to appreciate what she has. I wonder when will it get better. These are the best years of her young life and she spends most of her time grounded. And the sad thing is it doesn't seem to bother her. My main worry is her bad taste in choices. Grant it she is only 13 but the boys she seems to like. What is she thinking.. I'm just glad that I'm the one that makes the choice to even let her out of the house at all except for going to school and at this rate I think she maybe grounded till summer and maybe even till she graduates high school. Is that possible to do? I figure the longer she's is grounded the better chance I have at knowing what she's doing. I think raising a teenage girl is the scariest thing going on in my life right now. Does anyone know where I can send her till she is about 25?


  1. Oh susan. I am praying for you and for Han. Love you!

  2. If a 13 year old is happy with her mother then you aren't doing something right! They are supposed to hate you at this age. She will appreciate you when she is older...haha! Hang in there!