Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I must confess my relationship with my 13 year old is getting worse. Not too sure how to fix it at this point. We don't talk at all, unless however she wants something. Most of the time we just seem to yell at each other.She just doesn't understand I will always get the last word in so she just keeps on nagging or yelling at me. I think she forgets I have ALL the power she is just a 13 year old. Han just doesn't understand all I do for her. Maybe the whole thing is I do too much for her to appreciate what she has. I wonder when will it get better. These are the best years of her young life and she spends most of her time grounded. And the sad thing is it doesn't seem to bother her. My main worry is her bad taste in choices. Grant it she is only 13 but the boys she seems to like. What is she thinking.. I'm just glad that I'm the one that makes the choice to even let her out of the house at all except for going to school and at this rate I think she maybe grounded till summer and maybe even till she graduates high school. Is that possible to do? I figure the longer she's is grounded the better chance I have at knowing what she's doing. I think raising a teenage girl is the scariest thing going on in my life right now. Does anyone know where I can send her till she is about 25?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Just Talking

O K I have to voice my opinion today. I have really had it with all the media talkiong about Tiger Wood and Jessie James and their affairs.. I don't care. Now I do feel for their wives and children because they are very involved in this but it does not involve the rest of us so stay out of it. This does not have any thing to do with they way Tiger Woods plays golf or the way Jessie James works on motorcycles just as it had nothing to do with the way Bill Clinton ran the country. Do you think the country cares when a not so famous person goes out and has a affair and ruins their family? Not hardly.. We as the people have to stop giving these people our time. The only person I care about as to having an affair would be my very own husband and I think maybe everyone should STOP worring about what everyone else is doing and only worry about our own spouse. Yes it is wrong but in the end we are not going to be the one that makes the judgement that matters. God our heavenly father is the one that will have the last word on this matter. So shame on us for being so nosey and making this very personal family matter worse for all involved.. So before we all start gripping and want to tell Tigers wife or Sandra what they should do maybe you need to look at your own life.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Killin myself

Yesterday I missed my regular gym time because we had the internet guy come try to fix the speed of the service. So I figured I would try to slip a workout in when Hannah was at her comformation class at church. So when I got to the gym there was no daycare so I had to wait till 4:30 by that time I only had 20 minutes to work up a sweet. At least my favorite drill instructor was working out with a couple other groupies so I got to join in for their last 5 minutes. They kicked my butt in those
5 minutes but I forced myself to continue for another 15. Then the wild and crazy girl I am that likes the pain of this whole fitness stuff decided to come back for more later that night after I took Hannah home oh and got the fam Mc Donalds for supper.. But not for me. I came back for the walking class at 5:30. We walked 3.5 miles around town. It was great. Now here comes the whole reason for this post. So this morning I woke up went, to the gym did my leg workout THEN went on another 3.5 mile walk now I get to relax till 3 then I'm going back for the real deal Spin Class. At least this is for a good cause. Not just the calorie burn but the fee goes to our Relay For Life team.. But whats with all the torture.. This will make my 4th workout in 24 hours.. Yes you can call me crazy but I feel GREAT. I will return in the morning at 8am for my upper body and core workout the my interval cardo training.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eater Sunday 2010

Easter Sunday this year couldn't have been any better. Well actually I guess it could have been alittle better. My son Zac spent this blessed weekend with his girlfriend and her family so he was greatly missed. We spent the day with doing Easter egg hunts,going to church and eating wonderful dinner. The weather was perfect and the time spent with family was refreshing at the least. I found it a great day to sit back and reflect on life. I have lots to be thankful; my kids, my husband , family, friends, our health, my home, and all that spring brings us but most importently our heavenly father and my belief in him and all he make possible in my life. I hope everyone got to spend this Easter Sunday 2010 praising our beloved heavenly father and spending time with their family.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Today I started our garden. A few months ago I was at the supermarket reading lables like I always do and relized there was more then just tomatoes in tomatoe sauce. I found this shocking so I got on line to see for my self how hard it was to grow and make my own tomatoe sauce. Not too difficult so I asked uncle Bruce where I could grow a garden in our yard. Our yard isn't flat at all so by suggestion from Bruce to help him this year thats what I did today.. We planted a row of radishes and green onions and three rows of potatoes. I'm very excited to see them grow and harvest them and then can or freeze them. I find this a simple and fun process to get fresh veggies for my family. And what better way to teach my girls how food grows and how wonderful it will all taste coming out of our very own garden..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Family event

Today the kids and myself went out to Beaver Damm and ate lunch then went for a walk around the lake. And much to my surprise the 2 year old sure has alot of energy. It is a long walk around that lake and she insisted walking about two thirds of the way around. Of course on the way home she fell asleep. It was a very relaxing day spent with the little one's in my life.. Hopefully no one gets poisin ivy.