Friday, April 2, 2010

Today I started our garden. A few months ago I was at the supermarket reading lables like I always do and relized there was more then just tomatoes in tomatoe sauce. I found this shocking so I got on line to see for my self how hard it was to grow and make my own tomatoe sauce. Not too difficult so I asked uncle Bruce where I could grow a garden in our yard. Our yard isn't flat at all so by suggestion from Bruce to help him this year thats what I did today.. We planted a row of radishes and green onions and three rows of potatoes. I'm very excited to see them grow and harvest them and then can or freeze them. I find this a simple and fun process to get fresh veggies for my family. And what better way to teach my girls how food grows and how wonderful it will all taste coming out of our very own garden..

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