Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not Easy...

Ok no one every said my plans for the new and improved me would be easy. At least I am still usung my big weekly calandar to keep up with the families active life. BUT my plan to become a organized diva has been short lived. I work on things for a time then something else draws my attention to it. I've just been having a hard time consentrating on things lately. I'm sure it is partly because of the early menopause symptoms I'm been having.. Ya know , the night sweats, hot flashes, memory loss, moodyness, appitite, restless sleep and mild depression.. Boy getting old sure has it's side effects on ones daily life.. Well today I went to the gym for my favorite kick my ass work out class. It sure felt great being there and active and feeling like my old self. In a little while I'm going to get my hair cut then I will come home and start cleaning, at least trying to get things alittle clean not that the house is dirty it just gets a little cluddered. Tonight after the girls get home from school they can help me make our "Valenitnes Day" cookies.