Friday, November 19, 2010

Hunting the Big White Tail

My hubby went deer hunting this morning and of course he killed one. As he was getting things ready last night our three year old said "daddy please don't shoot the one's with a family or the one's with spots. Only shoot the bad one's ok." She's so cute. All I want is meat for deer jurky..I just asked him about his little adventure in the woods to humor him and show my little interest in his activities. So after he told me about his hunt I replied when do you go again. His answer was I'm done for this season. I find this a little crazy for the fact that all these so call Big Hunters spend all this time walking the woods to make thier plan and they put up their tree stand check and recheck their hunting gear and talk about the big hunt with their buddies and you only get to shoot one then it's over..Now hubby left at 6am and was back at 8:45am so to me that was a very quick season. Well I guess he can sit back and relax and wait for our meat to be prosessed while all his friends that hunt are still looking for "The Big One" and he can feel proud of his kill.