Friday, April 9, 2010

Just Talking

O K I have to voice my opinion today. I have really had it with all the media talkiong about Tiger Wood and Jessie James and their affairs.. I don't care. Now I do feel for their wives and children because they are very involved in this but it does not involve the rest of us so stay out of it. This does not have any thing to do with they way Tiger Woods plays golf or the way Jessie James works on motorcycles just as it had nothing to do with the way Bill Clinton ran the country. Do you think the country cares when a not so famous person goes out and has a affair and ruins their family? Not hardly.. We as the people have to stop giving these people our time. The only person I care about as to having an affair would be my very own husband and I think maybe everyone should STOP worring about what everyone else is doing and only worry about our own spouse. Yes it is wrong but in the end we are not going to be the one that makes the judgement that matters. God our heavenly father is the one that will have the last word on this matter. So shame on us for being so nosey and making this very personal family matter worse for all involved.. So before we all start gripping and want to tell Tigers wife or Sandra what they should do maybe you need to look at your own life.

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