Thursday, April 8, 2010

Killin myself

Yesterday I missed my regular gym time because we had the internet guy come try to fix the speed of the service. So I figured I would try to slip a workout in when Hannah was at her comformation class at church. So when I got to the gym there was no daycare so I had to wait till 4:30 by that time I only had 20 minutes to work up a sweet. At least my favorite drill instructor was working out with a couple other groupies so I got to join in for their last 5 minutes. They kicked my butt in those
5 minutes but I forced myself to continue for another 15. Then the wild and crazy girl I am that likes the pain of this whole fitness stuff decided to come back for more later that night after I took Hannah home oh and got the fam Mc Donalds for supper.. But not for me. I came back for the walking class at 5:30. We walked 3.5 miles around town. It was great. Now here comes the whole reason for this post. So this morning I woke up went, to the gym did my leg workout THEN went on another 3.5 mile walk now I get to relax till 3 then I'm going back for the real deal Spin Class. At least this is for a good cause. Not just the calorie burn but the fee goes to our Relay For Life team.. But whats with all the torture.. This will make my 4th workout in 24 hours.. Yes you can call me crazy but I feel GREAT. I will return in the morning at 8am for my upper body and core workout the my interval cardo training.