Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Moments

I was thinking today about the little things that make me smile.. First and formost it has to be my family then friends. Cheesecake is a true pleasure of mine too and always brings a smile to my face unless I actually eat it then it is followed by a look of concern as to how much exercise do I need to do now to burn off that wonderful piece of heaven. I also love the spring flowers and the smell of grass being cut and what about the sound of rain.. That is a very calming sound to me which also makes me happy because of the after effects of the growth of nature. And then theres the great Mc Donalds coke.. A true life pleasure. Glad I got one today it made everything all better. Now where is that cheesecake???

1 comment:

  1. I got a coke today...a real pleasure! But it won't be when Dena gets ahold of me.