Friday, August 27, 2010

Sorry it's been awhile but I'm back. I'm playing a new game now. It's the coupon game. This game is sooo rewarding. I love it. I have learned new ways to save money and have a blast while doing it. First thing I do is get the Sunday papers go thru it and cut out all coupons that I would use. Next I look thru the retailers ads.(CVS, WALGREENS,KMART, WALMART and TARGET.

Then I match the coupons with the ad flyers for the things that we use or might use if the price is right. Now this is when I check my two favorite coupon web sites and . These two sites give me some of the best tips they also have links to coupon sites that you can print even more coupons. Now it's time for the fun. I now have all my ads,coupons and list in hand then head to the stores. Today was a great day for getting a deal. The first place I went was WALGREENS. I got Visine and Tampons for free. I paid $1.41 for a gallon of milk, I paid 11.92 for 8 boxes of Hot pockets they were 2 /$3. then I also got $5.00 off that so they cost .87 cense each I also paid $3.08 for bleach , 2 bags of Chex mix 2 cans of Folgers and Dawn dish soap. Not too bad.
My next stop was TARGET.. That was a biggie. My bill was $60. before coupons. I had $33.25 in coupons so I only paid $27.29. I got 4 Hamburger helpers for only $1.25. I paid .14 cense for conditioner $1.19 for 2 wish bone salad dressings, $2.00 for 2 boxes of Mini Wheats. I also saved on Qtips, body wash, crest, lotion, mini pads, Ponds fasical cleansers, and air freshener. I got a free tooth brush, pack of gum, fruit cups, 2 cans of Chef boyardee rav's. Lots of great deals..
The next store I went to was CVS. That was a very interesting stop. They give you Extra buck on products to spend on your next purchase, this is the fun thing to do. In my first transaction I bought 10 Power aids for $10 and got $5. in EB , glad air fresheners which I spent $10. but had $4. coupons and got $3. in EB and a Cerst mouthwash for $3.49 which I hada $1. coupon and got $2.00 EB. So there I spent $23.49 , used $6. in coupons and got $10. in EB. My next transaction was for Blink eye drops they were $7.99 with $7.99 EB so I used $8.00 Eb from my first purchase on my 2nd one so I cost my .07 cense and I got the $7.99 EB remember that. So my next purchase was for hand wipes at $4.99 and Tissues for $5.98 so I used my EB money $7.99 and $2.50 so these only cost my $1.36. WOOOT HOOOT!!!! Now my last purchase wasn't as good but any way I bought Fish Oil pills Buy one get 1 free and I had a $1.00 coupon so I got 2 bottles for $10.79. I also got razors buy one get one 1/2 off and I had 2 coupons $3. and a $5.00 and I used my other $4.oo in EB so the whole purchase cost me $17.30.. not too bad.. Let me know how you think I did.. This has got to be one of my new favorite things to do..

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