Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I did it.. I said I really wanted to do this Blog thing and here I am.. I'm making my own history..This is all so new to me. All I've ever done up till a few months ago was check email, done ebay and look things up on the internet. Even when I needed songs for my Ipod I needed help. So back in December my friends told me I needed a Facebook. Well that has changed my life (sometimes for the bad). So now I'm headed for a new adventure in Blogging. Yippy... Well I hope I have as much fun doing this as I have reading everyone else's. I want to share my journey as a mom and wife and my daily adventures as The Real Housewife of Macoupin County. I hope to share some yummy tasting recipes(hopefully healthy ones), maybe a good fitness tip here or there, or do what I do best and just yack.. Maybe by me just talking I can stay stressfree and relaxed and breeze right thru my 40's and right up to my 50's. Any advice or suggestions is welcomed.

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